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Eureka Math

We have adopted Eureka Math for our Pre-K through 6th grade classes. Eureka Math is a research-based math curriculum we are utilizing in combination with Power Teaching Math, the Success for All version of math instruction that incorporates the cooperative structures into our daily math lessons.  The Eureka Math curriculum is set up into modules of study in a sequence that helps to ensure a comprehensive progression through math skills.  Teachers are supported with a multitude of resources through such as:

  • Basic Curriculum Files

  • Teacher Eureka Digital Suite

  • Teacher Resource Packs

  • Parent Tip Sheets

  • Professional Development Videos

  • Oklahoma Standards Crosswalk

By incorporating Power Teaching Math into our Eureka Math curriculum, we are able to offer best classroom practices through cooperative learning structures.  These cooperative structures allow form more student engagement in the learning process and provides support through critical thinking and problem solving in the classroom.  It also supports our Success for All Reading program by encouraging teachers to incorporate cooperative structures throughout the day.

Click the link to learn more. Eureka Math

Success for all

We have adopted Success for All for our reading curriculum in our Pre-K through 6th grade classes. The Success for All Reading program is an evidence based, whole school, reform model for literacy that incorporates reading, writing, and phonics in a daily 90 minute reading block.  This program  is structured so that students are grouped based on reading levels rather than grade level.  Through this ability level grouping the program combats the cycle of failure and gives teachers the ability to analyze data and structure lessons based on the individual needs of students.  The program is based on cooperative learning structures to ensure the engagement of all learners, it includes both formative assessments to monitor students and drive instruction as well as summative assessments at the end of each quarter to track student growth and placement. It also provides tools for parental support as well as a high quality tutoring program known as Lightning Squad for students performing below grade level.  To support the learning process the program is designed with a school wide shared leadership model. This model aligns all school resources to the success and achievement of students.  This structure provides support for every students and family through solution teams that include:

  • Attendance 

  • Cooperative Culture

  • Parent and Family Involvement

  • Intervention

  • Community Connection

Along with the literacy program we have also adapted Success for All’s behavior and emotional management program Getting along Together.  This program focuses on three key skills that include emotional management, interpersonal and social skills, as well as thinking and cognitive skills.  GAT is a homeroom taught program but is designed to be used school wide by all teachers and staff.

Click the link to learn more.  Success for All


Instructions for getting on Clever at home for online or extended online learning opportunities:
(*Please contact the teacher of record for student email and password if unsure of student email or password)